The Ab Mat

the ultimate ab mat

The Most Versatile and effective ab mat ever!

Yup, you read right. The mat – lowly, simple and plain is the best ab mat exercise equipment ever, beating even the most expensive and complicated exercise machines that are in the market today. And if you don’t believe it go try P90X’s ab ripper X.


This is because floor exercises remain to be the best way to target ab muscles. Lying supine on the floor challenges the abs to work harder than if the exercise were performed otherwise.

And naturally, floor exercises will need an ab mat.

1. An Exercise  ab mat is inexpensive.
Regardless of make and of material it is made out of, exercise mats are cheaper and more affordable than any exercise equipment. You can buy one for the same price as a burger. (sometimes even cheaper!) Purchasing one will not create a huge dent in your savings or even break the bank.

2. Exercise mats are not complicated or difficult to use.
You don’t need a manual to know how it works. Just spread it on the floor and you’re done. The old adage simply works for this ‘equipment – less is more

3. Exercise mats are very easy to come by.
Mats of various shapes and sizes may be bought at the mall or even at your local health store. There won’t be a need to scour the stores to find one that fits your needs.

Whether at the park or on vacaton bring your ab mat.

4. Exercise mats are portable.
You can bring them almost anywhere and everywhere. One good way to counter a boring and recurring workout routine is to constantly change the venue of the exercise. Using a mat will help you do this easily since mats are lightweight. Bring them with you the next time you go on a holiday or even for a brief weekend trip – it will hardly occupy room in your luggage.

5. Exercise mats use the floor to support you in your exercise.
In floor exercises, mats use the floor’s natural contour to counter the pressure on your back. Unlike if you were to use soft, cushiony rugs or even mattresses, the uneven weight distribution would cause some parts of your back to sink into the material which may result in a painful and strained back. In short, mats support your back when you exercise.

6. Exercise mats offer more resistance making a workout more effective.
Lying on the ab mat on a hard and level floor will make any workout more effective and useful. This will force you to use your own weight as resistance when you execute crunches or sit-ups and will also serve as an additional opportunity to isolate and target your ab muscles.

Mats are proven safe and effective for use during exercises. It has no hard – to – understand instructions or comprehensive installation directions. You buy one, roll it out and bam! – you’re ready to get your workout started. Yet despite its simplicity, what makes exercise mats truly stand out is how effective they can be in doing their ‘job’. A basic exercise ab mat can guarantee the same results as any expensive machine – at only a fraction of the cost.

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