Sex Abs

Best Sex Positions to Tone and Exercise The Abs

Most people do not realize that sex abs can do a lot of wonders for one’s health. Aside from burning fats, sex can also help in toning the abs. Certain sexual positions do not only bring a lot of satisfaction; these positions have also been proven to be effective in exercising the abdominal and lower stomach area. Experts suggest the proper execution of these positions to get the most out of its abs-sculpting benefits. Here are some of the best sex for abs positions to toning the abs.


sex-absAlso called as the woman on top, the cowgirl position is preferred by most women during intercourse since it gives them more pleasure compared to other positions like the missionary position. However, the cowgirl position has also been found to be effective in exercising the abs and pelvic muscles. The cowgirl position is particularly helpful for women in exercising their abs, since her legs are braced on the ground that allows her butt and core to work harder. In the cowgirl position, the woman flexes the pelvic muscles and lower abs, firming up these parts of the body. When the woman presses the abs of her partner, she is also engaging the abs muscles of her lover.

Modifications in the cowgirl position can lead to exercising of other muscle groups. A woman extending her position up to her feet will allow her to exercise the butt, hips and legs. When she gets up and leans into her hands, the woman has to use her upper body strength to maintain her balance.

Doggy Style for Sex abs

sex-for-absThe doggy style has been known to give a lot of pleasure to both sexes. This position is also ideal for those who want to exercise the abs. For women, engaging in penetration from behind allows them to maintain their core since they have to maintain their body’s stability using the knees and arms. The quadriceps and glutes of women are also worked out during this position.

Arch and Bridge

sex-ab-exerciseThe bridge is a complicated sexual position wherein the woman faces her partner upward and utilizes her four limbs to support her body, while the guy is on top of her. The key to this position is maintaining the woman’s stability while her lover thrust in and out his penis. In this position, the woman is working out her buttocks and thigh muscles.

A modified bridge, the arch has the woman using her shoulders to support the upper part of her body, with her legs holding the lower part of her body. In this position, the woman uses her core muscles and thighs in supporting her lower torso.


abs-sex-positionPerhaps the most popular sex position, the missionary position can also work out the abs. The missionary position is not only enjoyable and thrilling for most couples. It also allows them to develop their abdominal strength and burning those belly fat.

To get the most out of the missionary position, couples should set their bodies at a 45 degree angle. The arms may be used to support the weight of the body. Couples may also try to lean forward near the edge of the bed without relying on their arms to hold their bodies’ weight.

As the man thrusts in and out of the woman’s vagina, he could try to crunch his lower abs and thrusting his hips in an upward movement. The man may also try to do quick thrusts until he feels a burning sensation in the abs. For women, lifting their core can help them in strengthening their core. The missionary sex abs position can also be relied upon in giving the butt a good workout.


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