Easy-to-Follow Lower Stomach Workouts for Women

A huge number of women have always yearned for fit and flat stomachs for an endless variety of reasons. Aesthetically, people that have flat stomachs look better than those who don’t. They can dress easier, not needing to conceal or camouflage their ‘flabby’ truth. Health wise, on the other hand, recent studies show that bigger stomachs have been linked to various ailments and complications such as heart disease, asthma and even cancer.

In reality however, finding the motivation and initiative to exercise is challenging. A lot of factors kick in – too lazy to dress and go to the gym, no budget for expensive fitness centers, hectic schedules – these are just a few of the common excuses that women give themselves. These are also the reasons that led to the creation of these simple lower abdominal workout exercises for women – exercises so simple you won’t need complicated machines. You can even follow them in the comforts of your home.

Ab Crunches / Sit Ups

· Lie down on your back with both hands at the back of your neck. This will be your starting position.

· Fold your knees while keep your feet spread out on the floor. Make sure that both feet are parallel to your shoulders width.

· Exhale, and then slowly raise you upper body (waist up) to reach your knees. This position is called a sit up.

· Go back to the starting position slowly, inhaling on the way down.

· Repeat this for at least two sets of 20 sit ups.


Reverse Crunches

· Lie down on your back and place your hands either beside you or behind your head.

· Keep your body flat by straightening out your knees.

· Bend both knees to form a right angle. Make sure that your legs move as one the entire time.

· Exhale and slowly bring your knees close to your chest while lifting your hips.

· Inhale and slowly put your feet back on the floor.

· Repeat this for at least 10 times and gradually increase the count as your body gets used to the level of difficulty. Reverse crunches are one of the hardest yet most effective ab workouts.



· Lie down on your back with your legs straight on the floor.

· Place both of your hands at the back of your neck for support. Both elbows must be pointed outwards. This will be your starting position.

· Exhale and lift your left shoulder and your right knee. Move your shoulder towards the direction of the knee, making them touch.

· Inhale and slowly go back into the starting position.

· Repeat the process, this time with your right shoulder and your left knee.

· Repeat this for at least 20 more times. (10 per side)

· (Note: A more challenging version of this exercise is to lift the entire upper body while stretching one arm. The idea is for the left hand to touch the right toe alternately.)


Whatever your reason is for exercising, it is important for you to remember that the results you want to achieve won’t happen overnight. Discipline and consistency are key to getting that flat stomach you have always wanted.

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