Causes and Remedies for Sore Stomach Muscles

Sore abdominal muscles may mean a couple of things. It may mean that formerly inactive ab muscles have been ‘shocked’ into use or it could also be the result of too much workout over a short period of time or simply a temporary lactic acid build up. Ignoring this discomfort may not be the right path to take however. Read through the causes and remedies for sore abdominal muscles below and be guided accordingly.

Before a Workout

You can add these pre workout steps to prevent post sore abdominal muscles. Hydrate properly prior to workout, perform 10-20 min Warm up to get the the blood circulating, lightly stretch the targeted muscle group, and have a concise workout plan to prevent over training sets and reps
Often trainers will tell you that the less time you take to rest between sets, the better. However, this may also lead to over exhaustion or over use of the muscles which may result in sore abs. If you haven’t exercised in a while, ease into your normal workout over a few days instead of going hardcore straight off. If the burn is too much or the intensity too high, take time to rest between intervals or the. After all, this is not a race.

Warm – Up and Cool Down

A lot of people have been misguided into thinking that warm ups and cool downs are just for starting and ending a workout session. This is not true however. You can always start a set by warming up and end it by cooling down. Intermittent stretching between repetitions may also help remedy sore abdominal muscles the following day.

Adding Variety to the Workout

Constantly focusing on a particular ab region may also lead to severe sore ab muscles. Learn to introduce variety in your workout and not concentrate on only one spot relentlessly. Allow the muscle to heal for a few days with rest and then work on them another day.

Hot and Cold Contrasts
A good hot and cold shower over sore muscles will also help you in alleviating the pain. It can improve circulation as well as flush toxins away.
Nutrition and Sleep
Get the right amount of zzzs. Sleep is the body’s way of healing itself and depriving yourself of it may only make the soreness worse. A proper diet also helps your body remedy your sore abdominal muscles – gradually and with time.
Remember, sore and painful abdominal muscles are not necessarily a serious thing. It is natural effect of exercise which can be remedied by any of the aforementioned methods. However, when the pain persists, you may also opt to get a professional opinion.

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